How can we build the future in Foggy Bottom?

  • Increase walkability and road safety, prioritizing the pedestrian.
  • Improve accessibility and connections to Potomac River, Georgetown Waterfront, Rock Creek Trail and the Kennedy Center.
  • Redesign the terminus for Virginia Ave NW, at Rock Creek Parkway, considering the L’Enfant Plan.
  • Meet equity and resilience goals put forth in D.C.’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Remove or reconfigure the Whitehurst Freeway ramps to repair the rift in the city’s grid.
  • Explore expanded Metro options through the WMTA easement in the vicinity.
  • Cap the subgrade sections of I-66/Potomac River Freeway for development and park use.
  • Trade zoning accommodation for onsite inclusive equitable housing opportunities.
  • Facilitate relationships for public/private partnerships.


FoggyBottomFuture.org is a non-profit community organization dedicated to exploring opportunities for architecting the future of the Foggy Bottom community.


Hello Foggy Bottom!

Welcome to the Foggy Bottom Future website blog.  This section of the website will contain the latest information on the efforts to define options for evolving the Foggy Bottom community.


Barnhard Family LLC:

Gary Pearce Barnhard — barnhard@barnhard.com  +1 301 229 8012

Dale Williams Barnhard — dwbdcy@yahoo.com

Foggy Bottom Association:

Marina Streznewski, President — https://www.foggybottomassociation.org/

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2A04:

William Kennedy Smith, Commissioner — http://www.anc2a.org/local-info